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A not housebroken spaniel sitting shamefully along the couch in front of his dirty paw prints everywhere.

In what scenarios might my PSD get denied access?

Oh the places you’ll go, and your PSD will go with you! Here’s how to ensure your PSD can accompany you almost everywhere — and discover the few places you can’t. 


The Short: While the ADA allows individuals with qualifying disabilities to bring their PSD in all public spaces, there are a few circumstances that they may be denied access, like if your dog is not under control, poses a direct threat to others, or is not properly trained and housebroken. 


Here’s more insight on when your PSD might get denied, and what to do: 


Circumstances for Denied Entry

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States, individuals with disabilities have the right to bring their psychiatric service dogs with them in public places, including restaurants, stores, and public transportation. However, in some situations a business or organization may be able to deny entry to a PSD, which primarily is for the safety of others.


These reasons may include: 

  • Not properly trained: PSDs perform specific tasks to assist handlers with disabilities, so if their specific service is not needed inside a public space, they may be denied entry.
  • Not under control: Service dogs must be under control at all times. If a service dog is out of control, the handler may be asked to remove the dog from the premises.
  • Poses a direct threat to others: If a service dog is aggressive or poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, the business or organization may deny entry.
  • Not housebroken: Service dogs must be well-behaved and properly housebroken. If they’re not trained or causing a disruption, the business or organization may deny entry.


Beyond this, PSDs may be denied entry if a space is too small or if they may interfere with a business’s operations. In adherence with health codes, PSDs may be denied entry near food preparation areas that would interfere with sanitary standards, or sterile medical environments. 


We hope this answers your questions about when your PSD may get denied so that you can plan accordingly. If you need more assistance, contact us here