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Last Updated: August 22, 2023

By transacting on this site or by downloading, using, or accessing this site in any manner, you confirm that you've read, understood, and consent to be bound by the following Terms of Use and ICTI's Privacy Policy (collectively and as occasionally modified, the “Terms”). If you're ineligible or disagree with the Terms, you are not authorized by ICTI to access this site. Your usage of this site signifies an understanding between you and ICTI in adherence to these Terms.

NOTICE ON ARBITRATION. As detailed in Section 19, unless certain disputes are involved, you concur that disputes stemming from these Terms will be settled through individual arbitration. BY ACCEPTING THESE TERMS, BOTH YOU AND ICTI WAIVE RIGHTS TO JURY TRIALS OR TO ENGAGE IN CLASS ACTIONS OR REPRESENTATIVE LAWSUITS. You willingly forfeit your right to pursue legal action (excluding potential small claims court actions) under these Terms. An independent arbitrator, not a court or jury, will determine your rights. Consult Section 19 for more specifics.

SITE USAGE. ICTI, LLC, a Delaware entity, manages the website ICTI offers its users ("Users") the potential to acquire a Psychiatric Service Dog (“PSD”) Certification and/or Letter through online courses. By navigating and interacting with the Site, you consent to all Terms and other associated stipulations. IF YOU'RE UNDER 18 OR DISAGREE WITH ANY PART OF THE TERMS, REFRAIN FROM USING THE SITE.

SERVICES & PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES. This platform serves primarily as an informational tool, not a consultation channel. Its content is general and shouldn't be seen as medical or psychological counsel, diagnosis, treatment, or a guarantee of any sort. No professional ties are established between the user and ICTI or its affiliates, including a doctor-patient relationship. Even if credentials or references are presented, their role is informational. It's vital to understand that the information isn't exhaustive and shouldn't be the basis for health decisions. Professionals on the site have the ultimate authority and responsibility for all services, aligned with basic standards set by ICTI. Neither ICTI nor any associated parties are responsible for damages stemming from advice or services you gain from a Provider via this platform.

If you are not completely satisfied with any course purchased on this site (other than the PSD Course), you may receive a 100% refund of the price paid, provided that you have not completed more than 25% of the course. Once you have completed at least 25% of the course, refunds are not available.



Housing Accommodation: Landlords are required to provide reasonable accommodation to individuals with psychiatric disabilities who require the assistance of a Psychiatric Service Dog ("PSD") to manage their conditions. This includes allowing the handler and their PSD to reside in housing that might otherwise have a "no pets" policy. The Fair Housing Act ("FHA") in the United States prohibits housing discrimination against individuals with disabilities and requires landlords to make reasonable accommodations that allow disabled individuals to enjoy their housing. Landlords may not charge additional pet fees or deposits for PSDs, as they are not considered pets but rather working service animals. Landlords may not deny housing to an individual with a PSD based solely on the presence of the service animal. Denial of housing can only be justified if the presence of the PSD would result in an undue burden or fundamental alteration of the property's operations.

Air Travel Access: Airlines are required to permit individuals with psychiatric disabilities to travel with their properly trained Psychiatric Service Dogs in the cabin of the aircraft, free of charge. The following guidelines apply to air travel accommodations. Airlines may request documentation to establish the traveler's need for a PSD.

Advanced Notice: Airlines may require advanced notice if a passenger intends to travel with a PSD. This allows the airline to make necessary arrangements to accommodate the service dog and the passenger's needs. Finally, please note that Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) are subject to a dynamic legal landscape governed by various laws and regulations. These rules are designed to ensure equitable treatment and access for individuals with disabilities who rely on PSDs for essential assistance and support. However, these regulations may evolve over time due to changes in legal interpretations, societal attitudes, and the needs of disabled individuals. As a result, the rights and responsibilities associated with PSDs may be subject to modifications.

Refund Policy for PSD Course: If your landlord or airline rejects your PSD request in violation of your rights or the airline’s policy, you will receive a 100% refund, subject to the following conditions. You must first file a claim with the appropriate department and share the claim number with us. If your landlord or airline denies your PSD letter due to a valid reason under the Fair Housing Act or the airline’s policy – for example, if your PSD poses a threat to the health and safety of others or has damaged property, then we cannot issue a refund.

SITE CONTENT. While ICTI strives to maintain accurate and current content on the Site, we cannot guarantee its precision, completeness, reliability, or relevance. ICTI holds the right to modify, add, or eliminate content, or to pause or terminate portions or the entirety of the Site without prior notification. The Site and its Services are tailored for usage within the United States. ICTI does not assert that the Site or its Services are suitable or accessible for use outside the U.S. Those accessing the Site or availing Services from outside the U.S. do so on their own accord, and ICTI is not liable for any issues they may encounter.

USER ACCOUNTS. When you sign up on our Site, you'll create an account ("Account") by providing details like your name, email, password, and other data collected by ICTI (referred to as "Account Information"). To establish an Account, you must be at least 18 and legally able to enter into a binding contract. If you're underage, you can't register or use our Services. It's crucial that all information, both at registration and later, remains accurate, up-to-date, and genuine. Don't share or transfer your password and limit yourself to one Account. You're in charge of keeping your password confidential and monitoring your Account's activities.

ICTI can take actions deemed essential to ensure the Site's and your Account's safety. If any issues arise from your use of the Site, your Account, or revealing Account Information, ICTI won't be responsible. Never use someone else's Account. Our Site isn't intended for children, and they're not permitted to access our Services. If we discover a user below 18 or ineligible to contract legally, we'll delete their personal details. By using this Site, you confirm that you're over 18. Please inform ICTI promptly if you suspect any security breach related to your Account.

LICENSES. ICTI provides you a limited, non-exclusive right to access the Site and use the Services for your personal, non-business-related purposes, subject to our Terms and any specific agreements you might have with ICTI. We retain the authority to revoke or suspend access to anyone, at our discretion, without needing a specific reason. While using the Site or Services, ensure you:

a) Maintain genuine affiliations, not impersonating or misrepresenting.
b) Respect all local, state, national, and global laws.
c) Don't tamper with, reverse engineer, or alter any software component of the Site or Services.
d) Refrain from introducing harmful code or viruses to the Site.
e) Adhere strictly to the granted usage rights.

Please be respectful in your communications on our Site, avoiding offensive language. Don't share or post content that's illegal, threatening, abusive, invasive of someone's privacy, hateful, or in any way offensive. While ICTI doesn't screen every piece of content, we have the authority to modify or remove content that breaches our Terms or is deemed inappropriate.

Interactions outside our Site with Providers aren't under our responsibility. For security, avoid using our Services on shared computers and don't save your Account password in browsers or software.

The Site allows users to upload various types of content, from messages and reviews to photos, videos, and more (collectively referred to as "User Content"). When you upload User Content, you maintain any copyrights or proprietary rights associated with it. However, by sharing User Content on our Site, you grant ICTI a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use, store, display, reproduce, adjust for formatting, and distribute it across current and future media platforms. If a Provider or another User needs access to your content, they can access it based on these Terms and the Site's features.

By making a payment for ICTI's services, you acknowledge that if: (i) ICTI makes genuine attempts to arrange a therapist session for you, and (ii) you either don't schedule or attend an arranged session, or (iii) you fail to sign electronic documents sent to your billing email, ICTI reserves the right to retain your payment.

At times, ICTI might offer promotions with varied features and costs. These offers are discretionary and might not apply to every user. If a promotional offer doesn't directly target you, it won't impact your usage or services. ICTI also has the liberty to revise Service fees as deemed necessary.

WEB LINKS. ICTI isn't responsible for any content, software, or links from external websites or sources. Any interactions or use of these resources is at your discretion and risk. ICTI might offer tools on its Site that enable data export to third-party services. For instance, you might be able to link your ICTI account with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or use features like "share" buttons. If you use these tools, you consent to data transfer to these third-party platforms. Understand that these services aren't governed by ICTI, and as permitted by law, ICTI isn't liable for how these third parties handle your data. Additionally, the Site may include links to other websites, but ICTI isn't accountable for their content.

OWNERSHIP OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Everything you see and experience on the Site — be it text, images, videos, design, or software — is the property of ICTI or its licensors and is safeguarded by local and global intellectual property laws. You're allowed to use the Site for personal and non-commercial purposes as per our Terms. This doesn't grant you permission to reproduce, modify, display, or distribute any content from the Site beyond regular usage. Commercial exploitation of any part of the Site or its content is strictly prohibited.

TRADEMARKS. The Site and Services may showcase specific names, logos, and materials, representing trademarks or logos ("Branding") of either ICTI or external entities. Unauthorized use of any Branding is strictly prohibited without clear consent from ICTI. Brand ownership and associated goodwill belong either to ICTI or the respective third parties.

ACCOUNT CLOSURE. If you wish to close your Account, you can do so at any time for any reason by reaching out to [email protected]. ICTI holds the right to suspend or close your Account or usage of the Site whenever it deems necessary. As per our policies and relevant law, ICTI can choose to keep, delete, or destroy any content you've uploaded to the Site after you've deactivated your account. Following this, ICTI is not obligated to continue providing Services or any other commitments to you.

AMENDMENTS. ICTI holds the right to revise the Terms whenever required. If you continue to use the Site or Services after changes have been made, it indicates your acceptance of and compliance with these adjustments.

TESTIMONIALS. The results reflected in reviews or testimonials on the Site might not be what every user experiences. ICTI presents these for informational reasons only without making any guarantees that all users will experience similar outcomes. The feedback or endorsements don’t represent any commitments by ICTI regarding your interactions or experiences on the Site.



1. Legal Advice: ICTI's website does not offer or constitute legal advice. No claims or assurances are made regarding rights or entitlements under disability or other laws. ICTI doesn't certify anyone's disability status or entitlement to accommodations. No promises are made that any purchased product will result in a disability diagnosis or an ESA Letter.

2. No Guarantees: Having an ESA Letter doesn't guarantee recognition as “disabled” under any law, nor does it assure accommodations from businesses or other third parties.

3. Liability: ICTI isn't responsible for actions taken based on information from the site. The site doesn't establish client-professional relationships. Under applicable law, ICTI's liability is limited. If you incur losses from site use, ICTI's responsibility is limited to the amount you paid for its services or products.

4. Assumption of Risk: You assume all risks associated with using the site, including potential emotional or psychological harm.

5. Indemnification: You agree to protect ICTI against any claims resulting from violations of terms, reliance on site information, or content you upload.

6. Geographical Constraints: Services may not be available outside the U.S. All transactions are in U.S. dollars.

7. Provider Disclosure: Providers must evidence professional credentials. ICTI doesn't monitor ongoing compliance.


1. Arbitration Agreement: Disputes will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than in court. Both parties waive the right to a jury trial.

2. Exceptions: Parties retain rights to: initiate small claims court actions, enforce actions through federal/state/local agencies, seek court-issued injunctive relief, or address IP infringement claims.

3. Opt-Out Option: You can opt out of arbitration within 30 days of agreeing to these terms by sending a written notice.

4. Arbitration Process: Disputes will be settled according to the AAA Rules. Confidentiality is maintained during arbitration. Any settlement offers are disclosed only after an arbitrator's final decision.

5. Fees: Arbitration fees are governed by AAA Rules. Hearings are in Miami-Dade County, Miami, Florida. Frivolous claims may result in you bearing all arbitration fees.

NO CLASS ACTIONS: Both you and ICTI agree to address claims individually. Neither can be part of any collective or class action claim. Unless mutually agreed, an arbitrator cannot handle claims from more than one individual or oversee any class action.

CHANGES TO ARBITRATION TERMS: If ICTI adjusts the arbitration terms (excluding address changes) within Section 19, you can reject it by writing to ICTI's arbitration notice address within 30 days. If you do so, your ICTI Account will be terminated immediately. The previous version of Section 19 will remain applicable to you and your prior engagements with the site and services.

VALIDITY: Should Section 19, or any substantial part of it, be deemed invalid, or if you opt-out, the section becomes null and void regarding your interaction with the Site and Services. In such a scenario, all related disputes will be governed by the jurisdiction and venue in Section 20.

ADDITIONAL TERMS: You cannot transfer or assign your rights under these terms without ICTI’s prior written agreement. ICTI may transfer these terms without prior notice. All interactions with the Site and Services follow the laws of Florida, excluding conflict of laws principles. Disputes related to these terms, the Site, or Services will be addressed in Miami-Dade County, Miami, Florida courts unless you're under the arbitration terms in Section 19.

When you transact on the Site, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms. This action is akin to a legal signature, establishing a lawful, enforceable agreement. You acknowledge that ICTI can deliver notifications about the Site or Services ("Communications") electronically. This includes: (1) sending them to the email address you shared during registration, or (2) displaying these Communications on the Site or within your Account. A Communication is considered delivered once ICTI sends it, regardless of whether you have read or even received it. Should you wish to stop receiving Communications via email, you can deactivate your Account and discontinue using the Site and Services.

Any failure by ICTI to enforce a specific term or condition in these Terms doesn't imply a waiver of that term or any other term. Not exercising any right under these Terms by ICTI doesn't mean renouncing that right. If a competent authority deems any portion of these Terms as unenforceable, that provision will be adjusted to the minimum required extent, ensuring the remaining Terms remain valid and in effect.

These Terms represent the entire agreement between you and ICTI concerning your use of the Site and its content. Any promises or statements, whether spoken or written, that are not part of these Terms won't be binding for either party.

For any breaches or concerns regarding these Terms, please reach out to [email protected].

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the “DMCA”) provides recourse for copyright owners who believe that material appearing on the Internet infringes their rights under U.S. copyright law. If you believe in good faith that materials appearing on the Site infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send ICTI a notice requesting that the material be removed or access to it blocked. In addition, if you believe in good faith that a notice of copyright infringement has been wrongly filed against you, the DMCA permits you to send us a counter-notice. Notices and counter-notices must meet statutory requirements imposed by the DMCA. In accordance with the DMCA, ICTI has designated an agent to receive notification of alleged copyright infringement in accordance with the DMCA. Any written notification of claimed infringement should comply with Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c)(3)(A) and should be provided in writing to ICTI, LLC., Attn: Legal Department – Copyright Infringement Notice, 78 SW 7th St., Miami, FL 33130. ICTI will promptly terminate the Accounts of Users that are determined by ICTI to be repeat copyright infringers.