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Crate Training Course | $98

Crate training serves as a valuable tool for housetraining, behavior management, and ensuring the safety and well-being of your puppy. 


Puppy Training Course | $98

Help your dog become a happy, well-trained, and well-adjusted member of your family, and you feel confident in your ability to control and care for your dog.


Leash Training Course | $98

Leash training basics, obedience commands for walks, training exercises, behavioral troubleshooting, and more in easy-to-follow video modules. 


PSD Course | $197

You can have your furry friend trained as a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD), so they can accompany you everywhere you go including stores, restaurants, airplanes and even rental homes with “no-pet” polices.  


Grooming Basics Course | $98

Whether you’re new to grooming or need to brush up on your skills, Grooming Basics for Dogs is perfect for you and your furry best friend! You’ll learn everything you need to know to groom your dog, from ears to paws.


First Aid & CPR Course | $98

First Aid & CPR course teaches dog parents how to maintain their dogs' health, prepare for accidents and emergencies, and be ready when health issues arise by being knowledgeable and staying prepared, you can keep your dog's health and wellness under control. 


Traveling With Your PSD Course | $98

Traveling can be a logistical nightmare, and bumps can appear in the road at every step. Don’t make your PSD one of them. Traveling with a PSD can enhance your safety and security and help you feel more confident on the road, whether you’re traveling near or far.


Potty Training Course | Coming soon

Potty training is a fundamental step in making your four-legged friend a real part of the family. ICTI’s Potty Training for Dogs course is perfect for owners working with their dogs, from puppies to adult dogs, to build healthy and sustainable potty habits.

Senior Dog Care Course | Coming soon

Dog years move fast — make the most of them. There’s nothing better than a long life with your dog, filled with love, snuggles, and outings. ICTI’s Caring for Senior Dogs is perfect for owners who have adopted a senior dog or recognize that their dogs are showing signs of aging.

Nutrition & Diet Course | Coming soon

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to pick the right dog food and treats, and understand the nutritional balance your dog needs to maintain their health, diet, and the variety of supplements to support it. You’ll even learn how to DIY some fun and healthy treats at home with human-grade food!

Clicker Training for Obedience Course | Coming soon

Throughout this course, we’ll cover everything that you need to know to become a clicker trainer expert with your dog. We will touch on different elements of Clicker Training, including how to use clickers, establish a positive training environment, train basic commands using the clicker, and adjust your methodology or expectation depending on your dog's breed and age.